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A specialized Turkish association, bringing together working and influential companies in consulting, marketing, and real estate promotion in Turkey and from there to the world.
The association was established on the courageous initiative of companies’ owners operating in the field and with extensive experience in order to protect the interests of companies and participate in overcoming the challenges of the sector, organizing, developing, and sustaining it while maintaining it as a fair competitive environment and a safe and attractive home for investment.

Named TGIDER as an acronym for its main business as the Turkish Real Estate Exporters Association in Turkish.

Those who are targeted to join the association:
All companies working in real estate marketing and consultancy, selling properties to foreigners, workers in the field of attracting foreign capital to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey.


Chasing Our Vision

TGider is an online real estate marketplace with a vision to make Turkish real estate globally accessible and find its place in the international real estate market.


Completing Our Mission

Our Mission is to combine our efforts to achieve sustainability and growth in the export of Turkish real estate globally through a gathering of real estate consulting and marketing companies in an official, institutional, and organized entity with self-sufficiency that represents the sector before public and private institutions and official bodies, which protects the sector and maintains it as an environment conducive to investment.


Achieving Our Goals

* Developing and protecting the interests of consulting and marketing companies, facilitating their problems, and addressing potential challenges and obstacles.


* Continuous development of member companies with the exchange of expertise and experience and actively representing them internally and externally.


* Preparing the institutional environment and setting effective systems to perform the work professionally and proficiently.


Join Us!

Become a part of the TGIDER Organization today! 

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