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Important Announcement

Based on Resolution of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey No. 5448 issued on April 19, 2022

This provides for the inclusion of real estate services within the export sector, which is a continuation of the package of facilities provided by the state to stimulate and attract foreign investment so that Turkey is among the top 5 attractive countries for real estate investment in the world.

We are aware of the importance of our companies' work being on the government support list for the first time

Our visions met and our goals were united towards concerted efforts and concerted actions to move to a new stage that corresponds with the approach of Turkey's vision 2023, the centenary of the founding of the Republic.

After continuous and unremitting efforts, and fruitful meetings at several levels of shareholders in guiding the real estate market and its workers, both individuals and companies, and with well-thought-out steps and the urgent need to carry out elaborate work, an official association was established in the name of:



For this association to be a comprehensive and effective federation of marketing and real estate consultancy companies in our different languages ​​and our stated mission:

To combine our efforts to achieve sustainability and growth in the export of Turkish real estate globally through a gathering of real estate consulting and marketing companies in an official, institutional, and self-sufficient entity that represents the sector before the public and private institutions and official bodies, which protects the sector and maintains it as an environment conducive to investment.

With our ambitious goals, chief among them:

Developing and protecting the interests of member marketing, consulting, and real estate services companies and solving their problems while addressing potential challenges and obstacles.

Developing the business system and innovating integrated strategies that enhance the performance of member companies, including training bags, joint platforms for exchanging expertise and experiences, and permanent updates to the global real estate market.

Stronger representation of the services export sector, real estate marketing, and member companies internally and externally, with access to the Turkish government decision-making department to achieve our goals and develop the foreign investment climate in it.

We are launching our association today in one of the most sensitive stages towards the economic changes in the country, to lead with confidence and determination the new generation of Turkish real estate exports in the world and to invest in government support and reap the efforts of years of hard and diligent work, based on the pioneering experience of Turkey in attracting more investors over decades To complete these efforts and be a qualitative and unique extension of the Turkish real estate presence around the world.

This founding statement is signed by an initiative group of real estate company owners who felt a social and practical responsibility towards this sector and its development with extended hands and open doors for participation, cooperation, and solidarity, believing that the need is urgent and that the time has come

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